Walk participants can feel the world. The diversity and richness of the landscape reveals the sensitivity and interest of the individual through an event space and a natural human temporality: walking.

Hiking is a physical activity or sport that involves walking outdoors generally along roads or marked trails to enjoy nature, landscapes and elements of historical and cultural interest. It is considered one of the forms of hiking or mountain climbing, open to the public because they do not need a physical or technical. The layout of the trails as much as they can prevent the passage of paved roads and highways, as well as steep slopes that involve climbing and mountain peaks. Go hiking more slowly but have more time to observe your surroundings.

Are routes that require an approach will have 4×4 then continue the hike and have more time to visit the magnificent landscapes of La Garrotxa.

Each group will be accompanied by guides needed to make the route to help you discover the cultural, natural or social, and tell legends and customs of the area.

Stopping & offer taste, refreshment and sink sausages area in all activities.

Our routes can be accompanied hosting, so Garrotxa Fun Track offers a selection of establishments Garrotxa renowned for their hospitality and rich cuisine.