Fun Track Garrotxa “tourism” offers services for everyone. For each person, for couples, for families, for groups of friends, for schools, for companies… For those who want to discover a new country – the people, their customs, their history – on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

For those who have intentions to learn teaching techniques from different disciplines, establish active contact with the environment and develop environmental education.

For those who have intentions tourism and leisure, to leave everyday an adventure out of your normal environment you report a significant flow of feelings and emotions.

For those who have intentions competitive in the industry, understanding the competition as a continuous improvement and a relentless pursuit of new personal challenges based on the increased risk and the exotic and unusual adventure.

People who are Fun Track Garrotxa want to share with you that we have to love Garrotxa, one of the most attractive tourist regions in Catalonia.

And we want from the relationship between the landscape, the educational project of the Middle Level Training Technician driving to sport and physical activities in the Natural Environment and Higher Educational Level of Physical Activity and Animation sports and professionals in our region.

What do students say?

“For us, the students, it is a privilege and a pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in developing the service company in the sports industry, training and working in us what we like”.

“We think, design and share what we like to do”.

“Our primary goal is to acquire and practice with you, always accompanied by technical and expert knowledge learned during the school year, giving you the best experience in our land”.

“In what way? Trekking through marvelous and magical places, mountain biking incomparable landscapes, visiting museums… and the thousand and one possibilities we have in our Garrotxa, please proposes YOU what you want”.

“Do not you think? Check in FUN TRACK GARROTXA, there is only one, and are waiting you!”