Pia Olot School is a learning community that, for 150 years, operates in the region of the Garrotxa. During this time he has worked to fulfill its educational project.

As part of the “Escola Pia” of Catalonia, is an institution in the service of society, open, welcoming, innovative, participatory and embedded processing. From learning project comprise, among others, the Middle Level Training of Technical and physical Driving Activities in the Environment and High Level Training Animation Sports and Physical Activities.

FUN TRACK GARROTXA is a company born from the concerns of the individual and the Training Management Team of the school. We see, on one hand, and the need for another opportunity to create added value and complement training studies in vocational training with a real and methodology from its own side business.

The main objective is to offer our students the opportunity to implement the business professionals from different fields who offer the skills of this training cycle: mountain guide horse riding, cycling routes guide coordinator activities driving / guiding activities of nature, among others. The environment plays a central role. The young sports fan in nature, using the benefits of certain structures of learning outdoors and involved in the landscape to improve their safety. Finally, the promotion of community projects for young people, helping to encourage their commitment to civic and individual responsibility.

This objective is to be achieved from the FUN TRACK GARROTXA company managed by a team of professionals (teachers and technicians of the sector) led to the founding of the company.